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8-Bitman, or Bitman, for short, was created by Adrian(AJ) in Applesoft BASIC low-res graphics mode, and was the winner of Hackfest at Kansasfest 2019.


Download the disk image for Bitman! 

Internet Archive Version

(AJ used the Applesoft sampler disk, to run the program, boot the disk, choose option #4, then "RUN BITMAN" after the catalog listing finishes.)


View or Download the code for BITMAN.


Enjoy the following photos and fun facts about Bitman, the superhero of Kansasfest!


monochrome green version of bitman, a penguin-like creature with antennae and a cape



Fun Facts About Bitman

  • In honor of the keynote speaker Mark Pelczarski of Penguin Software, Bitman’s secret identity is also a penguin
  • His utility belt is shaped like a floppy disk, which holds all of his gadgets, the way a disk holds programs
  • The original design included using “8”’s for the ears
  • Bitman drives around in the Bitmobile (a.k.a the Kfest Kart)
  • Bitman was coded on a green monochrome monitor using the Beagle Bros. color chart for reference
  • The color version of Bitman appeared after a generous donation from the Garage Giveaway (Special thanks to Dagen & Sark for cleanup & repair assistance!)
  • Bitman's theme song is the 8-bit version of the 1960's Adam West Batman TV show




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